Teacher's day project..

Ani came out with a project for our ELS to raise up the club's money..
It is for the upcoming Teacher's Day..
The money can be used for the farewell dinner by the end of this year..

I personally think it's a brilliant idea..
Plus, the project was darn cute..
and I believed all the members will be excited as well when we tell them about the project this Wednesday..
but, firstly, we must seek for the headmistress' permission..
fingers crossed that she will give the permission..

Check out the project..
I don't know how Ani came across this site..
but enjoy..
fyi, there's a lollipop inside the origami..


p/s: It's also one of the things that can bring Ani closer with her baby fish.. ahaks!


I've been eying for this brand for the past two years..
Love their play collection..
It's on my must buy list..
I think now it's the time for me to buy one..
I can wear it in Singapore.. ^^

I'll just wait until the next payment.. ^^

The End

Our Action Song team ended in the 3rd place at the district level..
Frustrated.. yes!
Angry.. not so much..
Though I would like to ask the judges what was "their" criteria of choosing the winner..

But we learned through experiences..
And now I know how things work here..
There's so much dramas to think about..
As if we didn't have enough problems with sound arrangement, lyrics, costumes ect..
Now we have to add "bias judges" in the list as well..

On the bright side,
I can get my life work as it was before..

Kompang Formasi

For the first time I saw the Kompang Formasi rehearsal..
Can't wait for the final result..
I wish them all the best of luck..
Make our school proud..

Totally worn out today..
shall sleep early.. ~^^

Teacher Kaya~

Syafiera: Teacher kaya kan?
Me: Tak adalah.
Najla: Orang yang kahwin baru kaya.
Me (monolog dalaman): tu pun kalau kahwin dengan orang kaya.
Najla: Usu kami kahwin hari tu dapat 10 ribu. Kaya.
Me: Hehe *gelak tak ikhlas*

Moral of the story:
Year 3 pupils think differently than me. Just entertain them. haha!~

Felt Bookmark

It's my first attempt using felt to make a bookmark..
I promised one of my students (the highest scorer, of course) a present because she got 5As in recent test..
As me and my housemate, Annie were in the middle of making aerospace brooches for our action song team..
I thought why not make one for my student too..
Annie was the one who came across the idea of making a bookmark..

Felt bookmark in the process..~^^
I use green because of our limited colour of felt ..

The result of my first felt bookmark..
Yeah! I know it's messy..
But I did give credit to myself.. haha ^^


It's Official..

I officially welcome myself to the world of blog and bloggers..
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